Photos of a boring desk times ten hundred + comics + Merzbow

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the problem with comics, as entertaining as they are to read, the makings of them don’t really provide a whole lot of material for blog posts.

if i was a big shot film director on set, anecdotes of actor mishaps (“He said penis!”) or interesting location photos (“Here’s the Dalai Llamas’ pyjamas”) be posted – as a guy drawing comics, i could show you a photo of my desk. and the snacks nearby, at a stretch. Or the empty packets thereof.

Or a badly made progress chart, as to how much is done for the update at the beginning of next month :: –

Exciting, huh. Progress is exciting.

I really like the background art in this comic, Nori Tama: seemingly all hand drawn with little to no tones in sight.

It’s bound to take a lot more work to do it but hand drawn untoned backgrounds sure do look nicer and not as flat, as screentones tend to do.

Yotsuba has similar highly detailed backgrounds (maybe even the same assistant?) ::

Really gives it a classier feel, and looks so much more natural. Even if it is more work.

I like this panel from Shima Shima. Looks very simple but has so much going on. Looks like it could have been traced.

Recently I’ve been binging on Merzbow, and I blame John Kantz for reminding me of portable audio tinnitus.

Carry on reading them from here for more white noise comics.

That’s enough of me, I’m off to eat my fish.

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