Satoshi Kon’s Opus

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Satoshi Kon is well known for his reality-confusing films but no-one seems to know of the few comics he made before and after he worked as an assistant for Katsuhiro Otomo. One is about Mermaids called Kaikisen and is fairly straight forward sci-fi, and the other is called Opus, which is not straight-forward sci-fi.

As it is Japanessese I cannot read it, but it seems like the story is so: a comic artist is stuck on how to resolve the next chapter of his comic. One night as he is drawing it, he wakes up to find out one of the pages has turned into a shaft that changes perspective as he moves it round and ends up falling into the story he’s drawing. From there, it goes with him exploring his own world and getting caught up in various troubles + gun fights.

You’d have thought that with a style so close to Otomo and plenty of acclaim to promote it with, they’d have translated this measly two volume series for us foreigners by now but I guess not. They could even say “assistant on Akira series”!! I guess they won’t… :/

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